This blog is about learning, leadership, and communication. I use it to help share ideas with my students and other lifelong learners.

I’ll link to articles and other bloggers so my students can gain an appreciation for what others are writing.

Here’s an example of information I enjoy sharing  Communicating_with_a_purpose.

Please feel free to post your comments and share with others.

4 responses to “Welcome

  1. Cliff Yager

    Like the blog Plex!

    • Thanks, Cliff.

      Glad you enjoy it. I like sharing information that I believe will be helpful to other lifelong learners.

      All the best &
      God bless,

  2. Dr. Plexico,
    Great Website. As a leader in healthcare, I am always searching for educational opportunities to become a better leader and communicator without having to read and study novels. I look forward to more postings while I review some of the others you have posted. Good luck in this adventure.
    May God Bless You and Your Family
    Michael W. Rawls

    • Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate knowing the impact this blog has on you and others.

      I love sharing information with lifelong learners!

      God bless,

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