Triathlon: Body and Brain “Heated” Discussion


My body and brain got into a “heated” discussion during the #MusicCityTri in Nashville. Here are some excerpts from what I recall.

Body: We need to slow down a little. It’s really hot, and I’ve just carried this crazy person through a 1500 meter swim and 45 kilometer bike. I know it’s only a 10 kilometer run, but he may not make if we don’t SLOW DOWN NOW!

Brain: We only have to run four minutes and then we can walk for a minute through the next aid station.

Body: How ‘bout this. You run to the next aid station. I’m walking.

Brain: Come on, body, we can do this. You’ve trained in the heat. You’ve been hydrating all week.

Body: No, I’m walking.

Brain: We’re almost done with this triathlon. We had a great swim and a comfortable bike, where we hydrated and consumed nutrition just like our coach taught us.  Now let’s do this!

Body: You can do what you want. I’m walking.

Brain: What if we walk through this aid station and then run for the next four minutes before our next one minute break?

Body: I’ll see how I feel after the next aid station. By the way, I’m still not going any faster between here and that next aid station. I see what you tried to do there.

Brain: You’re not going to budge on this walking thing, are you?

Body: Nope.

Brain: You know he will not be happy with his time, if we don’t get moving pretty quickly.

Body: If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll listen to me, his body, you know, the one responsible for getting us across the finish line. Or else, he might be finishing this race on a stretcher with an I.V. stuck in his arm.

Brain: No need to be so melodramatic.

Body: No melodrama here, just letting you know what’s going to happen, if he listens to you or, heaven-forbid, his heart.

Heart:  We can do this!

Brain:  Yes we can!

Body:  Easy for you two to say. You’re not the ones bearing the burden of what he’s putting us through right now.

Brain: OK. We had some water, some sports drink and a nice cold towel provided by the great volunteers out here. Let’s pick up the pace a little.

Body: OK. I do feel better, so I’m in the mood to compromise. We’ll run some, walk some and together will get this guy, who thought running a Triathlon in Nashville in July was a good idea, across the finish line safely.

Body: By the way, when my job is done here, and he turns to you for some much-needed reflections on the experience, please remind him that he paid for this, he trained for this, and regardless of what time he finishes, this is supposed to be fun!


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